Hey folks! That’s Me…

I have the honour to continue the Location Curation movement here in Frankfurt and tweet about it and other stuff…But first a little bit about myself:

In the last few years I have visited several cities in many different countries and as far as I can tell Frankfurt is a great place to live and work! I really like the idea of rotation curation and it is a great pleasure for me to start the first RoCu in the city where I currently do my intern ship. So as you see, I am not originally from “MainHattan”, which gives me the chance to see Frankfurt from another perspective and explore interesting things through different eyes.

I grew up at the wonderful Lake of Constance which I used to call my Hometown for many years. When I graduated in Vorarlberg (Austria) with BA in International Business, student’s life wasn’t over for me. It really started then. I decided to add three more years by beginning another study in MultiMediaTechnology with the major Web & Communities in Salzburg (Austria). Now, I am in the fifth semester and really enjoy my intern ship at the Frankfurter Innovationszentrum.

Hope you will enjoy my daily tweets @WeAreFFM!