I am a Frankfurter.


My name is Philip and I’m a Frankfurter, not a Wiener.
I’m curating @WeAreFfm the week of September 24th. Should you be interested in learning a bit more about me (and Frankfurt), here you go:

I was born in “Bornheim”, which is amusing when writing this in English. I grew up in Sachsenhausen, on the lovely Mühlberg to be precise. This officially makes me the first real Frankfurter to curate @WeAreFfm. I love “Grie Soß”, “Rippsche mit Kraut” (grilled please), and “Stöffsche”.  And I also love Shwarma, which I would define as another Sachenhausen traditional dish,  from paradise alley. I feel at home when I walk the streets of Sachsenhausen and pass by one of the old houses with their wet and slightly sour smell of humid sandstone cellars. And I love the sound of Frankforterisch, the local dialect which you hear less and less. My two sons were born in Frankfurt too. So you see, I’m trying my best to keep traditions going.

Does all this make me a really good choice to curate @WeAreFfm? I don’t think it necessarily does. Because it’s “We Are Frankfurt” for a reason. There are no real and wrong Frankfurters. Most people you will meet in Frankfurt are not from here. They are “Ei-geplackte”, they moved here from somewhere else. Nevertheless they are an integral part of Frankfurt. In fact Frankfurt’s inhabitants are from over 180 nations. This is what makes Frankfurt one of Germany’s most diverse cities. And this is also what I love about this little town.

Yes, little town. At night Frankfurt is home to only 700,000 people. During the day the city easily swells up to over 2 million. Frankfurt has Germany’s highest workplace density and most commuters. There are 75,000 jobs at Frankfurt Airport alone, slightly more than jobs at the banks. Still, Frankfurt is also known as Bankfurt or Mainhattan because of a few tall bank buildings. They give fodder for awesome photography and I do love the sight as well.

What else do I love about my hometown? It’s the 20 minutes city. You can often get across town in 20 minutes. You can also leave Frankfurt in 20 minutes and enjoy the green country side. Make it 4 hours and thanks to the airport and train connections you can be anywhere in Europe. Which means I do love to get out of town, but I also love to come back home.

So why am I doing @WeAreFfm this week? Because I’m awfully proud to be a Frankfurter and I’m a technophile as well. I think it is awesome how technology connects people. It’s an honor for me to do this. I hope you will enjoy my tweets and re-tweets this week. I hope you will connect. If you feel You Are Frankfurt as well and you’re willing to do @WeAreFfm for a week, please let us know here.

Ei guckt’e ma nei bei dem getwitscher und bebabbel uff @WeAreFfm


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