A New Curator!

Hello there! My name is Charlotte and I’ll be looking after the WeAreFFM twitter feed this week. I guess you’ll want to know a little about me…

I’ve just turned 26 last week (the German Reunification Day is my birthday!) and I work as a Japanese translator. I’ve been in Frankfurt just over a year and I really love it here. I take German classes and love the language but I’m nowhere near being able to tweet in it so my tweets will be in English – sorry!

One thing I don’t like about Frankfurt is people’s negativity towards it. Complaining that it doesn’t have enough cool places, or that the customs over here are awkward. I write a blog called Sherbet and Sparkles where I try and banish these kinds of things, and prove that Frankfurt is an awesome place to live in, and has loads of really amazing things to do.

I plan to tweet on a different theme each day, so please come and join in the conversation!