@mons7 is taking over!!!!

Hi folks,

This is @mons7 taking over the accout for a whole week! And am looking forward to! (Hope you do so, too! ;) )

Who the hell is @mons7?

Well, … living in Eschersheim, working at FH FFM which is Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. And living together with her dog (NO, no catcontent this week for you! ;) )… being almost 40.

Eschersheim is FFM, too?

For sure! You don’t believe me? Just have a look into Wikipedia. My personal highlights around? Definitely Batschkapp and Elfer Music Club, but Drosselbart is not too bad either.

FH FFM – What is she doing there?

Responsible for Social and eLearning. Part of that very team. You can imagine which of them I am in real life? First one of you finding out and twittering getting a coffee for free. At awake, next to FH FFM.

A dog within the city

Yeah! I love my dog. And I am conviced it is possible to live with one within the city. There are great places to go… like Alter Flughafen Bonames (Tower Café) or BuGA. Will tell you more about all kinds of “Gassi-Adventures” soon.

CU on (in? at?)  Twitter!