Greetings Frankfurt!

My name is Bülent, and I love Frankfurt. This is a beautiful city with amazing architecture, world-class museums, excellent nightlife, and — lest we forget — a sparkling ribbon of water running smack bang through the middle of it. You could almost say that it’s like living in London, the place I’m from originally, but that would only be true if London were cleaner, safer, cheaper, and had a transport infrastructure that actually worked.

I’ve been living here for six months, and if the winds of good fortune continue to prevail, I’d like to stay here for a good while longer. I’m based in the Sachsenhausen area, south of the river, and I’ve been making good use of a) the museum district and b) the traditional Apfelwein taverns, but not c) doing them together. Being drunk in a museum is not as fun as it sounds.

You’ll frequently find me hanging around the Deutsches Filmmuseum (watching a classic Hollywood movie or three) or cycling along the River Main on my Brompton folding bike. I’m also taking intensive German language lessons at the Goethe Institut, three evenings a week, but I’m not confident enough to write in German just yet, so please indulge my publishing tweets in English for the coming week.

Currently I work as a Freelance Consultant in Digital Media for an international organisation based in Darmstadt. I’m also growing a moustache for Movember, the men’s health charity. If the feeling moves you, you can sponsor me here, and in return I will send you a signed, glossy, 6×4 black and white photo. Trust me ladies, it’ll look great on your mantelpiece.